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1 Architects

1 Architects are pragmatic, innovative and creative, and we conduct our business with integrity. We believe in providing clients with honest advice, not just the good news, but all the facts, allowing clients to make well-informed decisions.We have no preferred style and no rigid design rules. We try to consider each project as a completely new opportunity that requires a completely fresh approach.

The Directors have over 40 years’ experience of developing projects in the fields of:



Geoinnova is an Environmental and Urban Development Consultancy, which has a multidisciplinary team that can face a variety of projects.

They get involved in all kinds of environmental studies, such as Landscape Studies and Landscape Integration Studies, and develop Sectoral Strategic Plans, in which they have vast experience in tourism and Spatial Planning.

Highlandhousers LTD

Company dedicated to the integral restoration, design and construction of properties. Its activity is entirely in the UK.

JMFS Services LTD

Company dedicated to the provision of architectural services in both the UK and Spain.

Cristian Villalba