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Jesaur equipo
About Us
Who We Are?

JESAUR started its activity in 1999, integrating a group of professionals with experience in the field of Spatial Planning, Urban Management, Architecture and Construction, ensuring the smooth completion of projects and their implementation. JESAUR today is formed by a team with the necessary resources to respond to issues that arise in any project, providing the best solutions to all ideas through the design and management of all processes to take them to his good purpose.


JESAUR operates in two major areas:

Architecture, Building, Rehabilitation.

Land Planning, Environment, Urbanism.


JESAUR offers the quality, professionalism and responsibility of a great team that works every day to achieve their projects success and an improved profitability of the same.

Arquitecture, Land Planning and Urbanism

Jose Manuel Fernandino Larrinaga, Arquitect.
Pedro Castro Alonso, Arquitect.
Jose Manuel Fernandino Soto, Arquitect.
Iñaki Fernandino Soto, Arquitect.
Alejandro Laveda Mateo, Building Engineer/Technical Architect.
Enrique Argente Daroqui, Arquitect.


Evironment, Land Planning and landscape

 Geoinnova Association , Environmental Consultancy.
Luis Quesada Muelas, Geographer.
Teresa Benlloch Casaban, Urban Lawyer.

Civil works, Urbanization and Urban Installations

Adypau Ingenieros slp., Engineer
Rafael Pérez Gamón , Technical Industrial Engineer.
Eduardo Viguer Soler, Industrial Engineer


Cristian Villalba, Photographer.